Clergy Abuse Victims

Minnesota Archdiocese Faces More Than 400 Accusations of Clergy Abuse, New Laws Allow Victims to Come Forward

More than 400 victims recently filed claims of child sexual abuse against the Archdiocese in federal bankruptcy court. In this latest major lawsuit pertaining to child sexual abuse by members of the Catholic Church, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis is being held accountable. They now face hundreds of individual claims by former victims,

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Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee to Pay $21 Million to Victims of Clergy Abuse

On Tuesday, August 4th, theĀ Archdiocese of Milwaukee agreed to a $21 million dollar settlementĀ to compensate hundreds of victims of clergy sexual abuse. This case involved over 575 individual claims of abuse against church leaders in the Milwaukee Archdiocese, many of whom alleged that a systemic lack of prosecution allowed church leaders to abuse minors in

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